Wednesday, May 14, 2008

33 weeks

Here's an update on all the medical stuff that's happened this week. I spent all day Monday from 10:30am-7:00pm at Beth Israel Hospital. My OB called me at work in the morning and asked that I immediately go there to meet with a High-risk doctor. (Okaaay) She told me things over the phone that I had already known, but I wasn't sure why the rush. It panicked both Nathan and I and he came to my work to pick me up.

We went to the labor and delivery unit and I was asked to put on one of those gowns and lay in bed. A nurse (who was really sweet and helped me not feel so anxious) told me that the doctor I was there to see was in surgery all day and that I'd have to hang tight for her to have a break and then she'll come in and see me. We asked why we were there and they didn't know why. Apparently after my OB read my ultrasound results, she called the high-risk doctor at B.I. and scheduled a last minute appointment for me to see her and talk over results but also to run some tests on me and the baby.

Here's what happened in a nut-shell and what was discussed and done during our visit:
The fluid (or what's called a Plural Effusion) is still surrounding the baby's lungs. It hasn't gotten worse, it hasn't gotten better.

Possible Diagnosis:
It could be from a possible infection I have (they took blood samples from me and will run tests. Results will be back next week).

They ruled out that the baby has anemia by checking the blood flow in his brain. Which could have been a cause for the Plural Effusion.

It might become Chylous Thorax (defined as a leakage of lymphatic fluid from the lymphatic vessels). This is when the fluid spreads around his heart and stomach cavity, we're praying it won't. (Nathan can explain it better)

Lastly it could be any abnormalities such as Down's Syndrome or Neural Tube Defects. But according to my AFP Test, which came back negative for the abnormalities, this is most likely ruled out.

What happens now:
I'm now considered a "High-Risk pregnancy, "which means that they have to monitor me and the baby twice a week to check for an increase in fluid.
I have to go into Boston once a week for a biophysical ultrasound and
I have to go to my OB for a Non-stress test once a week as well.

I have to schedule an appointment with Children's Hospital so they can do a Fetal Echo scan on his heart.

I have to schedule an appointment with the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) to go over what could happen after delivery.

I was given a steroid shot on Monday and one yesterday to mature his lungs more so if he went early, his lungs would be developed sooner.

What could happen:
Early Labor or potential C-Section if the fluid get worse meaning increases or spreads to the outside of his heart and stomach cavity (which is a possibility)

When born the baby might have a hard time breathing on his because the fluid would compress his lungs making it difficult for him to breathe on his own, which in that case, he'd be on a respirator, and get treatments in the NICU.

OR this Pleural Effusion can magically disappear (Which in some cases has).

I know this is overwhelming to read, it's overwhelming for Nathan and I to grasp. To help ease your mind, when they did do ultrasounds on Monday, he looked great and was very active (which is a very good sign!) They kept on telling me what a beautiful baby his is and how strong he was. All of his other organs and measurements are looking awesome. Most babies when they're in some type of distress or pain, are more lethargic or aren't as active. Not our son! And be relieved that we're receiving the BEST care in the best city! We're grateful that they are keeping a close watch the both of us.
Onto some "oh how cute" news:
Nathan this morning heard the baby's heartbeat for the first time by placing his ear just over my belly button. Of course this made our day! He said it sounded like a choo-choo train.


Cristina said...

Ohhhhh! I am praying for you and Baby M right now! Stay strong, that little guy is going to come out healthy as ever!

Lindsay said...

Awww - hugs and very best thoughts to you guys. Keep your chin up, 'cause you're going to have a beautiful little boy soon!

Jackson spent his first 10 days in the NICU, and look at what a cute little trouble-maker he is now. :)

Megan said...

Good luck with everything over the next little bit. Chris and I will be thinking of you up here in Canada and wishing yo all good thoughts. I'm sure everything will be fine. Thanks for sending us a link to your blog, we have a lot to read up on :)
Riley, Chris and Megan

Sarah said...

Knowing you and Nathan, this kid is coming out a Kung Fu fighter. To be honest - you may want to worry about him fighting so much that he pops off a bicep like his dad.