Thursday, June 5, 2008

OoooKkkkk, I'm done now

I hate to admit this because I feel like I'll sound like an ungrateful person, but being pregnant isn't fun anymore. There. I said it. An ungrateful-bloated pregnant woman at that. Yes you heard right bloated. I literally feel and look like the Michelin Tire Man. My feet are swollen sausage toes, my hands are so bloated that it almost hurts to make a fist.

All this happened literally within a week. From last week's weigh in, I've gained 6 pounds. Most of it I'm sure is water retention. And of course the weather's going to suck this weekend
(well at least for all the pregnant women out there)
with heat reaching up to 90 degrees and muggy.

I've also been having more than usual Braxton Hicks contractions. Last night, I wasn't even doing any hard work around the house. I started filling in Photo Albums with pictures (you know, the project you'll NEVER get to once you have a baby). I had my feet up, and was drinking plenty of water. Well I must have had about 10 of them in an hour. They didn't hurt, but there were a couple that made me feel a little nausea. Some lasted more than a minute too.

OK people, I'm asking for all-night vigils! LOL!!! Pray that I go within 2 weeks. Seriously. It's pretty pathetic when you're trying to put on your undies only to not be able to bend at the knees far enough to put your legs through only to topple over onto the dresser. Or when you've given up trying to dry the toes after a shower. Go ahead...laugh. I give you permission!

This weekend, we've got a lot going on, and I hope I have the energy to participate. If not, oh well. I can always resort to putting my feet up on a couch and scrap booking or reading a book.


Jennifer said...

Ohhh I feel you. I do not believe there is a woman alive who did not feel just the same way in the last few weeks. Don't feel ungrateful! Feel normal! lol

Maryanne Headd said...

Jennifer- I've been there! It s***ks. But just know your baby is healthy (read: big!). Hope you stay as comfortable as you can these last weeks, and even though you don't believe you can, enjoy the sleep you can get until the little one arrives! : ) Hugs, Mary