Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy I'm Home

This is what happens to daddy when he feeds Brayden too fast and wants to get out the door! I never laughed so hard when he sent me a text message with Brayden all dressed up, ready to go. Twenty minutes later, he sends me this picture texting, "Not so cute outfit anymore!" I wanted to die. I could just imagine Nathan taking 20 minutes to decide what clothes to put on Brayden. He's just so proud of his little boy and wants him to look cool. Well after taking care of Brayden during my last two days at work, I think he's found a new appreciation for how much it takes to get a kid out of the door! So much for leaving the house at noon LOL!

Well I'm home now. And it's been quite nice. I took one day to store all of his newborn clothes because he's just to big for them now, and replaced the drawers with his 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes. He has a lot of 6 mo-1 year clothes and didn't really have any 3-6 month clothes so I used our gift card and went on a shopping spree yesterday. I even bought him a Patriots oufit for when he watches the game with Papa and Daddy.

Brayden is so much more alert. He does this thing with his head. We call it the "Stevie Wonder." He shifts his head from left to right, trying to look at everything he can. I'm impressed with how he can focus on two people in the room now. If I'm holding him and Nathan's across the room and Brayden hears him, he'll look at me then look over to where Nathan is.

Our Labor Day weekend up in Maine was great! The weather held up nicely and Uncle Mitch took Brayden on his first fishing trip. Nathan and I went along and don't worry, we had an infant life jacket on board and uncle Mitch drove really slow. Mommy even caught a fish! See Brayden in the background? He slept most of the time ;-)

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