Monday, April 6, 2009

16 weeks

I was looking at my pregnancy pictures and noticed that I'm just as big now as I was when I was 21 weeks with Brayden. So yea, no belly shots for this pregnancy. To make things even more exciting around here, I'm heavier than Nathan! So am I fat or is he skinny? Oy-vey.

I've been feeling fluttering within the past week which is making it all the more real to me. I think I'll be able to notice things quicker with the second one because now I know what to expect. I'm still exhausted everyday and need to get a nap in. Headaches are just a given and I've learned to cope with them.

Brayden is becoming a lot more fussy these days. I can't make out whether or not it's his top teeth coming in or if he's just becoming more attached to me. I can get things done when he's playing but most of the time when I'm around him or just want to play with him and his toys, he'll want me to pick him up or stand him up. And after a while my back hurts. He's also whining when he eats. I'm not sure how to deal with that. Nathan told me today that maybe he needs to get out more. He spends all day with me and it might be the reason why he's been like this.

And in two weeks, we're taking his precious binkie away for good; cold turkey. I'm strategically planning to do it on a weekend so Nathan can help me when B has his meltdowns. My good friend Laurie suggested that I replace it with something else that can comfort him. I thought that was a good idea. At least till he overcomes his binkie fetish. Who knows, he could be fine in a couple of days. I'm just expecting the worse.

Easter is this weekend and I haven't started getting B a basket or an outfit. I haven't prioritized it since he's too young for candy. But friends have suggested I could do books or toys. I don't know, I just hate feeling the pressure of having to do it because it's his first Easter. I'll most likely go to the Mall tomorrow to get him an outfit.

Here are some recent pictures of Brayden:


Samantha said...

He is SUCH a doll baby. Those eyes!!

Headaches are rocking my world too!

and little momma, I know you're absolutely gorgeous!

Rox said...

I love seeing pictures of Brayden, he is such a beautiful boy! And I am so happy for you and your pregnancy going perfectly. You are an expert already, girl! :)