Thursday, August 9, 2007

feeling ginormous and unattractive.

Oh man do I feel fat! My pants are getting tighter, my hips are feeling wider, and I just don't feel pretty. I asked Nathan last night if I looked fat and he said "No, you don't, you just seem thicker, but not jiggly." LOL!!! I knew what he meant cause it's not like I have the blubber rolls, it's more like my body's getting thicker, but not softer.

Since being pregnant, I've gained 2.5 pounds, which according to the weight gain rate, I should be gaining anywhere between 2-5 pounds within the first trimester. I've got about 4 weeks to go. It's been challenging to find the energy to go to the gym. I'm not going as much as I use to, but I still need to go. A best friend and confidant gave me lots of maternity clothes last night, and I couldn't be more grateful to her being so generous to me. We're about the same frame, so the clothes will come in handy.

Before bed, Nathan and I read our books. Nathan read "Expecting Father" and I read "What to expect When You're Expecting." We exchanged comments as we were reading. He was fired up about making me eat more protein, 100 grams a day to be exact! How the heck does someone manage to eat that much protein, not to mention all the other important nutrients like foods with Folic Acid, Calcium, Fiber, B6 and B12? No wonder why I'm gaining weight.

Without breaking the bank, I need to find ways to pamper myself. The lack of not going to the gym, and gaining weight has left me feeling unattractive. My skin is getting oilier too. I more so care about how Nathan views me, even though psychologically I know he thinks I'm beautiful (he reminds me everyday.) But as I get bigger, I want to embrace my body and have a healthy outlook on it all. I want to be a Hot Mama! ;-)

Age of fetus: 8 weeks, 5 days
What's going on this month:
The little one has a heartbeat now, and this pregnancy week is safe for getting the first ultrasound of different stages of pregnancy trimester. You may face problems like acne and rashes due to hormone changes, but they're just temporary.
Baby's Size: Your baby is now about .61 inch long!
Mood: Thoughtful
Cravings: Not really feeling hungry
Energy: Low
Morning Sickness: My stomach feels weak

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