Friday, August 10, 2007

funny onsies!

I was browsing online for some funny/cute onesies and I came across some that I'd love to get (one day). They each remind me of members of my family. I still have more to find, but here are a few for starters:
Mr. T Onesie, Sucka!
This reminds me of Nathan & Poppy with their fun obsession with Mr. T. talk. I could only see this one on a boy.

Another cute onesie is this one from Savvy tot. And it's in honor of my patriotic and politically involved SIL Sarah:
"Don't blame me*
* I can't vote till 2024"

This one is obviously dedicated to Yours Truly:
"My entire life is being blogged Baby Onesie"

This Onesie is dedicated to my "not-so-tech-savvy" mom:
"Grandma's Future Tech Support"

Up next, is one that would only be worn while watching uncle Jerry perform!
"It's OK, I'm with the Band"

This onesie is for Uncle Mitch, who seems to exude all sorts of odors. No explaining necessary, LOL!
I May Be Stinky, But I'm Still Hardcore.

And for the queen of all Divas, my fashionably accessorized mother-in-law Pam:

For Brent, my father-in-law who LOVES milk, he'll most likely share the same love with our child:
"Milk Junkie"

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Lauren said...

You have got to get the blogging one!