Monday, August 6, 2007

perfect opportunity, not so perfect timing.

Last night we got back from spending a couple of days with Nathan's mom and her husband up in Maine. My sister, her boyfriends and their 3 daughters came along with my mom. It was so much fun! We did lots of boat rides, tubing and Mike had a surprise firework display while we were making S'mores around the fire.

My sister got a little tipsy and kept on telling me how much she loved me, and she was hugging me (which she never does), but I was glad to know that she felt that way. We hung out on the lake most of the time, enjoying the kids playing in the water. How I wish that I were farther along because It was the perfect opportunity with the family there to tell them that we were pregnant. But my husband assured me that there will be other perfect opportunities.

My sister was a bit surprised that I wasn't going to join in on the drinks, while my mom, and her were being fixed one at the bar. That's when I just said, "Look, we're trying to have a baby and I want to make sure my body's healthy. THAT'S why I'm not drinking." Period. End of Story. Now I won't get anymore questions about why I won't drink a martini, even though I'd like one.

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