Sunday, December 30, 2007

surprise, surprise!

The day after Christmas 12/26, I had woken up to blood filled underwear. Sorry for the nastiness, but you'll have to deal. It was very dark brown and thick. I quickly woke up Nathan and told him. My mind immediately went to, "I'm having another miscarriage!" I drove to work anyway and made it a point to call my fertility doctor to inform them. They told me to just monitor the bleeding and look out for fresh blood, cramping and back pain. The same symptoms I'd have with a normal period.

At around 3 pm, another wave of this discharge came out of me. This time there was a thick piece of tissue that felt like jello. I was FREAKING out! I called the doctor again and asked if I could go in for a blood test to check my hCG levels. I drove down to my doctor's office and got some blood drawn. I was a nervous neurotic wreck, who over analyzed every non-pregnancy symptom. I even squeezed my breasts to see if they felt sensitive, and they didn't.

The next day 12/27, I get a call from the nurse. She told me my hCG levels had dropped from 102,000-86,000. This felt like the hardest blow. I drove home from work in tears, asking myself, "Is it happening again?!" All I could do was wait till the next day 12/28 for my ultra-sound to see what was really going on. Waiting felt like a lifetime. I couldn't sleep that night.

Nathan and I woke up and headed to Boston for the ultrasound. My hands were sweating, my armpits were drenched, I felt like I was going to this appointment, only for them to tell me what I already knew was happening. I laid on the stir-up as Nathan held my hand. We both looked at the monitor as the nurse waved the wand inside of me. She asked us, "How far along are you again?" I told her, "I think I'm about 5 weeks pregnant." But as we looked at the monitor, something much bigger than a 5 week old fetus appeared. The nurse responded, "Looks like you're MUCH farther along than you think. You're about 13weeks pregnant." OK... insert a jaw dropping smiley here! I started to cry! I saw this baby moving around in my womb, alive and very well. The heartbeat was at 147 BPM.

Baby M's hand is up to its ear, see the spine?

I asked if there were any blood clots or any evidence of bleeding since I had that nasty discharge for two days. She couldn't detect anything wrong. The placenta looked great, the baby looked great. It was all good.

Nathan and I were sooo happy. We called my mother, Brent, Roberta and Sarah to let them all know. At this point we couldn't wait to tell Pam and Mike. We were going to Maine that night to spend the weekend together with the family and spend our late Christmas together. I had copied a picture of the ultra-sound and placed it in a frame, and bought them a card and inserted the poem inside. They of course were so excited.

What a way to end the year!

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