Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby M is a BOY!

Yesterday I had my Roles Royce of all ultrasounds to find out what we were having. It took about 30 minutes for Baby M to show "the goods" so thankfully the nurses were patient enough to wiggle my belly and get the umbilical cord out of the way.

He's doing very well and he's extremely active. Last week during our Mexico vacation I felt him move (quickening) for the first time. And ever since then, it's become more and more obvious that it wasn't just me having gas! As you all can imagine, Nathan is extremely happy about
having a boy and envisions playing sports with his son and being a great father as his was to him. He rubs my belly every night and talks to the baby.

We have a few names that we're thinking of but we might leave that as a surprise till our son's born. Here are 2 3-D ultrasound pictures from yesterday. Hopefully you can make out his profile! One of them is more of a skeletal image. If you notice in the other, he has his arm over his head. He looks like a little alien baby, but he's the cutest alien baby we've ever seen!

With love and excitement,
Jen & Nathan


Laura said...

Aww I can't wait to fine out what names you're thinking about.. or if you decide to keep us in suspense (thpt) what name you choose :P I'm just in total awe of the whole new baby thing right now.. I can't get over how sweet it is seeing Rachel take care of Jonah.. its just amazing.

Woo hoo for feeling a kick! :D

NANA said...

He is also the cutiest grandson I have ever saw. Cant wait to spoil him.