Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee!

Yes, tis true, today's my birthday and I've turned 31. I don't feel any different minus the growing baby in my belly, but I gotta say that going past 30 scares me. Tonight, Nathan is planning on taking me out to dinner. I made him promise me that he wouldn't take me to an expensive place since we're leaving for Los Cabos, Mexico on Saturday. WooHoo! I'm going to put on my best chicano accent to make buddy-buddy with the hotel staff so we get the hook up's. This week-long vacation couldn't have come at a better time. Especially since we're expecting more snow up here tonight.

This is our hotel. It's called Riu Palace and it's all inclusive. I promise to take pictures AND I'm going to be bold and sport my baby bump in a 2-piece swimsuit! I also promise not to drink the water or eat the ice. ;-) We're excited to go away for our last "alone" time together before baby comes along. My clever friend calls it our "Babymoon." God I love that!

Last night, after prying my husband from the Celtics game, I managed to get him to take pictures of my growing belly. You'll see what I mean by "I-look-like-I'm-round-in-the-middle, but-not-quite-pregnant-look."

See what I mean? It looks like I've got a beer belly. LOL! We're going to take pictures pretty consistently because it seems like this whole pregnancy is going by fast.


Coco said...

Woohoo for warm weather!! You little belly is so cute. Work that two piece like nobody's business!

Lindsay said...

Awwww - you look adorable!

I had a fancy little pooch for months! I told everyone that I was really into beer and donuts.

Lea said...

Aww you're barely showing at all. Too cute! I'm so happy for you.

Laura said...

Hahaha beer belly! Oh no you din't.. You look totally cute girl!