Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy 6 months!

Yesterday marked my 6th month of pregnancy. So far, so good. Baby M has been moving a lot but for the past 3 days, I haven't noticed it much. Space is becoming limited I guess. Tomorrow morning I have a Doctor's appointment and I have tons of questions to ask. About delivery, finding a pediatric, questions about the controversial vaccinations and their links to other health issues, what contractions feel like, etc. I'm sure that last question will be immediately answered once I experience one.

Our home s coming together in terms of getting it ready to sell. I've been refreshing the paint, don't worry, I wear a mask, all windows opened and a fan running. ;-) I say that only for you worry warts. Poor Nathan's been so busy at school with his presentation and then he got food poisoning yesterday so you can only imagine what he had to go through. He should be home now, hopefully finishing the wall were our old stove was. Our new one's so nice! It pains me to see how nicely things are coming along, only to move if we sell it. I spent most of the week filling out what seemed to be an endless amount of paperwork to fill out and compile all the necessary paper I needed to give to our agent today. So now the keys are handed over. Let the games begin!

My mother and mother-in-law's are working so hard to plan my baby shower. With all three of their brains, I'm sure to have the best shower in the universe! It's crazy to think that it's only 2 months away. For the most part, the registry is done. Of course it wasn't without changing my mind a hundred times about certain items. What can I say? This is my first time being a mom.

Nathan and I have had our share of worrying about the kinds of parents we will be. We're no longer responsible for ourselves, we're responsible for another human being. The thought's quite overwhelming if you ask me. Some of the things I worry about are normal and I'm sure all mothers can relate to them. One of the things I worry about the most is being judged or criticized for the decisions Nathan and I make for our son that might not agree with others beliefs. Getting too much unsolicited advice about what we're doing or not doing, and feeling like I'm not doing, gasp..."the right thing." I keep on telling myself that each child is different and will have different needs. One way of parentings not perfect. The way "so and so" raised their child or children isn't the best way, and I need to remember that no matter what input comes my way. Catering to our child's specific needs should be good enough.

I'll see if Nathan can take an updated belly picture so I can update this blog!

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