Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Baby Shower #1

My mother, me and my sister Jessica

To answer your question, yes, I'm having another baby shower. AND it's because I'm just soooo cool like that ;-). Since Nathan and I have good-sized families, I felt it necessary to have 2 baby showers. One for family and friends of the grandmothers. The other for my closest girlfriends. I really wanted my baby showers to be small and intimate, enough so that I can get the opportunity to have conversations with each person and make sure I greet everyone.

This past Saturday I had my first one for family. Brent and Roberta (FIL and wife) hosted it in their home which was perfect because they have the space and the location was great. Roberta orchestrated the days events with the help from Nathan's mom and my mom. Sarah, my darling SIL also helped out tons with games.

I walked in and was overwhelmed with how beautiful everything looked. It was as if I had walked into a garden of Spring flowers. The dress I wore that day actually matched the decor which was pretty cool if I don't say so myself. The cake Roberta ordered (which was awesome!) looked exactly like the invitation and my mother ordered the sculptured watermelon fruit basket which caught everyone's eyes. The catered food was delicious and well-presented.

I received so many gifts and I was amazed at how generous people were. People that I'm not personally close to but gave me some really expensive gifts. It was humbling and I was truly grateful. I already have Thank You notes in the mail already!

All 3 mom's did such an excellent job organizing the shower for me. I know how much time and hard work goes into planning showers. I've done them myself and it's no walk in the park. I'm blessed and spoiled. I have learned so much from these special ladies and I hope to take a piece of each of them and be as good of a mother as they are.

On to pregnancy stuff.
Today marks my 32nd week and the beginning of my 8th month! Crickey! No stretch marks yet (crossing fingers and knocking on my desk). But I am having a hard time getting my leg crossed so I can tie my sneaker laces. Good thing the weather's getting warmer so I can bypass the whole shoe-tying thing, and wear sandals or flats. What I'm about to say is a bit graphic, and something that no pregnant woman has ever told me (not sure WHY, maybe because it's so embarrassing), but it must be shared! I'm also having a hard time wiping myself "down there" when I go to the bathroom. Go ahead... take a few minutes to laugh and giggle.... My belly gets in the way and my arms are short, so I'll just leave it to your imagination!

Nathan and I have decided to take our condo off the market sooner than June 15. He brought up a few good points about whether I really wanted to be in the middle of moving with an infant. Ummmmm, no. He also said that the Open Houses and appointments we have frequently really stress me out. Ummmm, yes. Can't argue with either case. My hubby's wicked smaaaht.

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Jennifer said...

Very smart, he is! We kept our home on the market until Little Man was almost five months old - and hubbin was out of town the whole time! It was SO stressful having to drag him out all the time and keep the house looking bootiful. Definitely don't recommend it...

Glad you had such a lovely shower with your lovely families!! Adorable cake!