Saturday, May 10, 2008

Little mama is going to deliver a BIG baby

Nathan and I went to our follow-up ultrasound in Boston yesterday afternoon to keep an eye on the fluid that was found outside the baby's lungs. It's still there and the nurse said that it looks like there might be a little more than last week so I'll need to have another ultrasound next week. We also need to set up an appointment with a "high-risk" OB to talk about what this all might mean if the fluid doesn't disappear before he's born. This might be something I need to go in for every week to monitor. Although last night Nathan spent hours online disecting what Chilothorax is and how babies get it. He read medical studies and journals that had a lot of promising outcomes when mothers were on a medium chain fat diet as well as giving the baby a few treatments once born. (If you want toknow what all that means, ask the chemist, not the artist)
Here is our precious boy in 3-D. The left image is his face at an angle, the one on the right is more of a profile. He had his hands over his face the whole time so that's why you see stuff on his face. The nurse was trying to go past the hand to get to his face.

On a surprising note, they did give us his measurements on how big he is. Get ready for this: He's a little over 5 pounds already and he's in the 94th percentile for growth! And I still have about 7 weeks to go, do the math. So yea, say a prayer for me when I deliver. This kid might give his cousin Evan a run for his money. I can see them sumo wrestling in the back yard right now! I think I just might nickname him "Bubba" from now on!

Here's a video of our son's face. See if you find him!

Here's another video. Be prepared, in the first few seconds you'll see his...ahem...scrotum, there I said it! And boy was Daddy oh so proud!

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