Thursday, May 29, 2008

Can I complain for JUST a few minutes?

Since I've been nothing but positive during this pregnancy, I feel I've earned a
"Cathy Complainer" card. Don't get me wrong, I've been ecstatic with my pregnancy and at the fact that we were able to get pregnant so fast after our miscarriage last August. We're blessed to have a baby boy who's growing strong and has overcome so many obstacles and hasn't even been born yet. I've had so much support from our families, so much so, that it overwhelms me to think about how awesome of a family our son will have.

That all being said, I think I'm allowed to complain a smidgen about the difficult aspect of being pregnant, especially now that I'm in the home stretch with a few weeks to go.
  1. I've given up on the art of having perfectly shaved legs.
  2. I'm not particularly fond of the varicose veins I've developed that hurt when I stand up.
  3. I wobble because I have a pinched sciatic nerve that shoots pain up and down my lower back and leg.
  4. Mouth-breathing isn't particularly attractive, but it sure helps with the lack of oxygen I have due to how high my uterus is.
  5. The "pregnant glow" that they talk about is nothing more than the accumulation of 50% more blood in your body that gives you the "blushed" look. But all that blood also rushes to your legs and hands causing your toes and fingers to look like little sausages.
  6. As unlady-like as it is, spreading my legs as far as I can while sitting, actually feels quite nice.
  7. Tossing and turning in bed's a real pain in the butt, especially when your trying to rearrange your pillows as you're having a contraction.
  8. WHY is it that I wake up at random hours in the night and can't fall back asleep?
  9. Making a salad at the salad bar at work has become an obstacle course. I just can't seem to reach those damn tongs without turning sideways, and sticking my head under the glass protector.
  10. I can't go up a small flight of stairs or have a long conversation without breathing like I've just ran a marathon.
OK, I'm done complaining :-)

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