Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Happy, Joy, Joy!

Come sing along folks!

Nathan and I went to our (1 of 7) ultrasound appointment this afternoon, and they barely detected the Pleural Effusion!! Both the doctor and nurse thought I was a different patient because they had looked at previous scans in comparison to what they looked at today. As they were scanning his lungs Nathan and I were having a hard time finding the "black" areas
(indicated as the fluid in previous scans) around his lungs. This was such a relief to see. There's still some but it literally looks like a sliver. The doctor told us that we might not have to see her once a week, but maybe every other. They still need to monitor him, but maybe not as much.

We prayed before our trip there and we also talked to Baby M everyday and told him to get those lungs healthy and get rid of the fluid. He listened! I'll have to remind myself to tell him one day of when he "obeyed" for the first time. You can only imagine the relief Nathan and I feel knowing that our baby boy is getting himself healthier.

I'll upload some more videos later on as well as a comparison picture for you to see the difference from previous scans with today's scans.

Another piece of information we got was that Baby M is now up to 6 1/2 pounds!

Today is a happy day!


Lindsay said...

I am even happier than before! :D That is so, so wonderful!

Just a note - 6.5 lbs. is even bigger than Jackson was when he was born at 36 weeks, and he was pretty solid. Are you sure you've got your date right? It sure sounds like you are farther along than you think...

Megan said...

This is such great news!