Thursday, July 31, 2008

The "6-week" marker

Lots of women talked to me about this "6th week" mark. A time when reality finally sets in, when sleep deprivation takes its toll and you either get the baby blues or just say to yourself, "OK...I'm DONE!"

Well, I must say that I'm definitely getting there. And I feel terrible saying it because Brayden IS a great baby. He's not Colic, he just cries when something's wrong. But even that can sometimes drive a woman crazy. I'm the one who gets up at night and feeds him, then spends all day with him so I feel like the life is being sucked out of me sometimes. He's gotten to the point where most times he just wants me to hold him and I'm fine with that, but then if I need to put him down to take a shower, grab something to eat, or put a load of laundry in, he screams bloody murder. And he's not old enough to know how to keep the binkie in his mouth so he spits it out, and I come to the rescue.
Just a few days ago I literally almost had a melt-down. I was feeling resentful and on the verge of tears when I asked Nathan to watch him while I went out for a drive. That day in particular, Brayden was really needy and I literally held him all day and fed him about every hour and a half to two hours. I needed a break. I drove around the area, stopped at BK and got me a Chocolate milkshake and a cookie. It was the best shake and cookie ever (at least at the time it felt like it).
I expressed to Nathan last night how I've been feeling and that I needed more help from him because I felt like I was doing it all myself and getting headaches and feeling really impatient. I didn't expect too much from him because I know he works during the day, but help me once in a while at night so I can catch up on rest. Well Nathan let me sleep from 10:30- 4:30am last night!!! And it certainly made a HUGE difference today.
I also learned a great trick today; use the Bjorn at home! I strapped him on and got to do a load of laundry, cook, clean and type this blog! PLUS it's a great workout. Woohoo. I'm starting to get the hang of this new mom thing. Another great idea (came from Nathan) is putting Brayden in the bouncy chair and bringing him in the bathroom with me so I can take a shower. So far, so good. He seems to like the sound of the shower (thank GOD).
Yesterday we went to Brayden's one month check-up and discovered that he weighs a little over 11 pounds, woah. I KNEW he was eating a lot. I love looking at his dimples on his elbows and his fingers. My boy's filling in for sure. His eyes are so blue. I know it's too soon to declare it but I'm telling you, his eyes will be blue.
He's also more aware of his surroundings. He follows my voice and has already smirked a few times. He follows the rattle when I shake it in front of him and move it side to side. It's wonderful to think that very soon, he will be responding back to me with laughter and smiles. I can't wait.

Breastfeeding is also getting better, not perfect but better. I still get sore and have to sometimes supplement with formula, but I refuse to give up. I bought a bottle of Fenugreek (a natural herb) yesterday to help with increasing the production of milk. My milk production had seemed to be decreasing and that's not good when your child's appetite is increasing so I read up on Fenugreek and it had nothing but good results for many women. In fact I met with a lactation specialist today and she had recommended that I take it as well. Fun fact about it is that it makes your milk smell like maple syrup...yummmmyyy!!!!!

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nana said...

Hi Jen
Just to let you know your not alone. Every mother has been where you are. Motherhood is not easy. Sometimes you do need someone to give you a break. Your doing a great job at being a first time mama. The pics are great. My has he grown.

Lindsay said...

First of all, BIG hug. It is so true that you aren't alone. When you're expecting, you know you'll be tired and stressed when the baby comes, but you have no idea just how much until you've barely slept or showered in three days, and they're wailing at 3 a.m. And, it's the hardest thing you'll ever do in your life.

When Jackson was about four weeks old, my mom had gone back to Florida, Jonathan was back at work, and it was just me and the baby all day long. There were moments when I'd feel so overwhelmed, and I'd just go out into the hall and cry and scream and jump up and down to let it all out for a few seconds. And, there were times when I just wanted to be alone - when I didn't want to get up and tend at 4 a.m. And, all of that is totally normal.

Fortunately, having a good partner makes a world of difference, and you being rested and less stressed will make for a happier mommy and will also help your milk production. BTW - that's great that you've stuck with it! For sure, breastfeeding is very demanding of your body and mind.

Anyway, I am getting long-winded, but know that nearly every mother goes through the exact same things and has the exact same feelings - it just means you're normal. You'll continue to figure out little tricks and ways to get things done better, and each week will improve with Brayden's needs and sleep and everything. :)