Monday, August 4, 2008

Can I call it pergatory?

I don't fit into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes and my maternity clothes are getting baggy! I'm stuck in the middle and have no idea how long it will take to get back into my regular clothes. I refuse to go shopping because (1) Don't really have the money. (2) I'll most likely lose the pregnancy weight or at least most of it.

I'm considering doing Weight Watchers because everyone I know who's on that program has been successful at losing weight in a healthy way. Plus it doesn't have an unrealistic plan or goals. I can eat what I want on a Point system. The hard part will be logging on daily to submit my meals and track everything. My goal is to lose 16 pounds with the goal of losing 2 pounds a week at the most. That way it's healthy, and steady. The key is to choose better foods since I am breastfeeding. And speaking of breastfeeding, my boobs feel like they're at least 2 pounds each so I'll have to take them into consideration when deciding what an ideal weight goal is, LOL!

My doctor gave me the OK to start working out but she did warn me not to do what I did pre-pregnancy, and to start off slow. She said that my body would know when I've over done it. Realistically, the only excercise I know I can do is to take Brayden out on the bike pathe in either the Bjorn and go for a walk or use the Jogger. I might invest in some resistance bands since they require very little storage space and they're effective for toning. AND I can do them while Brayden naps.

Wish me luck!

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