Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Starting to get fun!

(pic. 1: Brayden talking to mommy)
(pic. 2: Brayden cracks a smile)

WHY didn't anyone tell me that the first 2 months are extremely difficult?! Not because I have a challenging baby, because I don't. He's actually quite perfect if you ask me ;-p. But because all the newness of being a fist-time mommy plus waking up every 2 1/2-3 hours can really do a number on your quality of sleep. Not to mention the mood you're in for most of the day because of it along with the unpredictable schedule infants have.

But just last week, Brayden started smiling at us!! And he's also started belting out a few shouts as to communicate with us!!! Which makes waking up at 4am a little more enjoyable. It's like he's now giving back to mommy who's taken such good care of him. Someone told me that having an infant's the closest you get to giving unconditional love. It never rang so true! It's because they can't say "Thank You Mommy" or give you a big hug for all that you do.

As of 4:19pm, he's now 2 months old. He's able to hold up his head for a long time and he also loves crawling up us when we have him on our chest. We're now experimenting by putting him in his crib istead of the pack n' play in our room. It's SOOOO tempting not to just keep him in bed with me. It would make things so much easier. One thing I don't know is when do they start developing a schedule? And when should I start establishing one?

I go back to work on Thursday but I won't be there for long. I've given them my notice. I'm officially retired at the ripe age of 31. At least with full-time work. I hope to continue freelance work and maybe get a part-time one day. The more Nathan and I thought about it all, we felt it was best for Brayden if I stayed home with him. Can we afford to do this? No. We're taking some loans out to support us for the next 2 years. Will it be worth it. YES! I can't imagine not being a part of or missing Brayden's developmental stages.

I in no way thing at-home-mothers have it easier. I think it's much harder to stay home. I know I'll look back and not regret it because you never get that time back. I just need to find creative and non-expensive ways to get out of the house with him. Get him involved with other kids and I can make new mommy friends.


Cristina said...

Hiiiiiiiiii! I was so excited to see a new blog post today! Yesss!

I am glad things are going well and Brayden is just so adorable!! Congrats on being able to stay at home with him. It will be sooo worth it! I am very excited for you. :)

You know I am not a mother, but I think its a good call to start trying to put Brayden in his crib. My little cousin used to sleep with her parents and months later when they tried to get her to sleep in a crib (Im talking at 9 months old or so...she was in the bed for a LONG time), she wanted no part in it. Let me tell you, they went through such strife getting her used to a crib. I think its better to start sooner because you know he is just getting smarter and smarter each day! Just a passing thought I wanted to share, but only you know whats best for him!

Lindsay said...

We moved Jackson from his bassinet in our room to the crib in his nursery at 1.5 months. He hasn't gone back. The sooner they get in there, the easier the transition, I think. Don't worry about the schedule too much at this point - he'll start to sort it all out pretty soon.

I'm so glad you're going to be able to stay at home. I thought I'd be really bored and slowly go insane, but I just don't have the time. It's a workout, for sure. As far as cheap, fun things to do - see if there is a website for Boston moms or some other area mom groups. I am sure there is something. You can find play groups and play dates, and that's a great way to get Brayden around other kids and for you to meet some other moms. He can't do too much at a park right now, obviously, but the park is free, and there are always other kids and things to look at and experience.