Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Brayden's Christmas Wishlist

Let's be honest here and say it's Mommy's wish list for Brayden ;-). I've already been asked by family members as to what they should get Brayden for Christmas. WARNING: This list will grow.
I'm really in love with all wooden toys. Probably because they're natural and safe without the use of paint or coloring that could chip off. Also because they don't require batteries and they're biodegradable. Here are some websites that I really love that contain many wooden toys:
Anything from (Natural Baby Toys) ThreeSistersToys.com

Elephant Rattle by Imagiplay

Wooden Roller by Parent's Choice Foundation

Colorful Stacking Cubes by Haba

Croo-ak by Haba

Rockabye Baby- Lullaby Renditions of The Rolling Stones by Baby Rock
(something mommy can enjoy too)

Baby Animals Black and White by Phyllis Tildes

Winkel by Manhattan Toy

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