Monday, November 10, 2008

The Importance of Family

Growing up, I always had the security of being cared for by my mother, who raised both my sister and I. Now as an adult having a child myself, I'm realizing just how important it is that our son be surrounded by family. Luckily for us, most of our family is within driving distance. Just this past weekend, Pam's parents, Rod and Nancy came to visit us from Ohio. It was the first time they got to meet their great-grandson.
They taught Brayden the "stand up, sit down" game like they've done to their children and grandchildren. And Papa made Brayden laugh out loud with his silliness. (Check out the video at the end).
A few weeks ago, Brayden got to also meet Pam's Ancle and Aunt Bob and Peggy down in Connecticut. They were so hospitable and loving during our stay with them. And in December we're planning on visiting my side of the family so Brayden can meet his great-nani in New Jersey, along with his great aunts and uncles.
Each family member represents an individual thread that weaves a rope that's strong, and filled with joy and love. Each thread holds a unique gift and knowledge that helps to raise us all. I hope and pray that as Brayden grows up, he will never take for granted the love, knowledge and wisdom that each family member posesses. And I hope that as a parent I can pass down the traditions that both Nathan and I grew up with that helped to shape who we are and show us the importance that family brings.
Here are some recent pictures. Some are random cute ones and some are with family:

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen for the tears (in what you said) and the laughs with Braydens video. I'm gonna have to get me some of those funny looking things that make him laugh. Nana