Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Very Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was such a great day. My Father in law and his wife hosted it at their home. Everything was so beautiful and festive. I seriously need to take notes on decor because it literally looked like it all came out of a Martha Stewart photo shoot! The whole gang Manno/Maugel/Giaimo crew was there along with Nathan's mom. Brent said a beautiful prayer to start us off for the day. He encouraged us to take the torch that will be passed onto us, the children to keep with the traditions of the Holidays.

Brayden got to hold the Turkey Drumstick with Papa. Here are some pictures from the day. One of them is a picture of Justin and Evan giving Brayden kisses. They love him so much. Then to end the night, we sat outside around a bonfire. It was all so relaxing and quite memorable.

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