Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Tonight, I took Brayden into Boston to witness his first Christmas Tree lighting. It's the mother of all trees and one that is one cool "first" Christmas Tree sighting. We went to the Boston Common where I'd say a few thousand people came to celebrate the beginning of all Christmas festivities. My sister in law Sarah, came to join me.

She helped find the perfect spot for us to stand where we can see the performances and tree at the same time. The weather held up pretty nicely and the crowd was pretty controlled. As soon as we heard the countdown, Brayden was looking behind him at the crowd yelling "5-4-3-2-1" while I was trying to get him to look forward towards the tree so he could see it being lit. As soon as it was lit, there were some fireworks which caught his attention and then he was totally glued.

Not sure why "Dummy Park Ranger" decided to wear a reflective coat cause he's in MOST of our pictures. It kind of looks like a HUGE Neon Green Glow Alien right smack in the middle of almost perfect photos. Oh well. I guess Sarah and I could have shouted over, "Hey you, Park Ranger with the obnoxious reflective jacket...can you move over please?!"

Afterwards, we met up with Pamma at the Taj Hotel and took some pictures of the biggest Ginger Bread house I had ever seen.

I seriously got a little teary-eyed tonight when I saw Brayden's eyes light up when he was watching the fireworks and Christmas tree. Maybe because this time last year I thought I was only a month pregnant and thought I was going through another miscarriage only to find out I was 3 months pregnant with a little miracle inside of me. And now here he was, in my arms turning his head every which way taking in everything, and there I was a very happy mommy. I'm sure he won't remember the first Christmas tree he ever saw, but I certainly will.

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Lindsay said...

Awwww - great post! It is true that everything happens for a reason, and that little boy was meant just for you. :)

He looks great - I can't believe he's so big and is almost half a year old already.