Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NY & NJ Trip

This past weekend we packed out bags and headed down to NY and NJ. My dear friend Melissa and her husband Dan live in a farmhouse in NY and had invited us down for a couple of nights. The last time I saw her was at one of her wedding receptions here in Boston last October. Gosh I missed her. That's one part that sucks about growing up, one never really stays in one place.

Anyhow, I digress...Melissa and Dan made every effort to make sure we had a relaxing time in their home. She has a jacuzzi tub in the guest bathroom and let me just tell you I took a bath every chance I could get! We also sat by the fireplace and enjoyed some much needed girl talk. Brayden was such a good boy the whole time too. We got out for a nice walk then went out to lunch for Pizza and a Blood Orange Martini (hella good too!).

After a couple of nights there we drove down to see my family in NJ. We got to my Aunt Mary's house and were warmly welcomed by most of my family. And that's quite impressive seeing that there's 3 uncles and their wives, and my 2 aunts and their spouses along with 12 cousins and 2 second cousins. And of course my lovely and lively Nana who constantly amazes me with her energy and youthful personality.

It was so nice to see mostly everyone there and seeing my cousin Kevin whom I haven't seen in years was a bonus. My aunts worked really hard to get everyone together and cook lots of wonderful food and desserts. After spending a day with them we felt that it was necessary to go back down maybe in the Spring and visit again but for a little longer.

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