Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For my sister and family in Maine

Today I fed Brayden rice and beans for the first time. It was his introduction to the cuisine better get use to. Latin food. He gagged the first spoonful, but then quickly adjusted and actually liked it.
My sister when she was a baby made this breathe in and out noise with her nose and now Brayden does it. I got him to do it a few times. I also asked him to say, "I love you" and I could have sworn I heard Brayden say it. You'll have to hear it and be the judge. Brayden's also has a third tooth coming in on the top. It's the incisor left of where the top middle teeth come in. So he looks like a little hill Billy, but a very cute one. Believe it or not he's turning 8 months old tomorrow. WOW!


Samantha said...

lolol!! how awesome is he!

Anonymous said...

way to cute. I heard him say I love you nana (haha)