Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leaps and Bounds

It's been about a month since the last time I blogged, whoopsie! It's been busy, crazy and full. Brayden started his swimming class and has really become quite the water baby. We've had 3 classes so far and he's already been underwater. They do all sorts of nursery songs that go along with kicking in the water, paddling, splashing and blowing bubbles. My good friend Laurie and her son joined the class to keep me company. She's already taken the class so it was really thoughtful of her to join it again to keep me company.

Within a month Brayden started crawling (army style), going from a laying down position to sitting up, pulling himself up and even standing up in his crib! We have a morning ritual where I feed him, put him on the floor in the livingroom, and watch him take out all the DVD's from the shelf as I sip my coffee and check emails. Good times. The wonderful part of watching him do all of this is this sense of pride he has and how he expresses it. For instance, if I see him struggling to pull himself up on the edge of the couch, I'll say, "You got it Brayden, you can do it." He'll look back at me and then turn forward and try again. And when he gets up, he looks back to see if I'm watching him. I sing his praises, "You did it Brayden!! Look at you big boy, yaaaayyy!!!" Then he puffs out his chest and smiles and starts pumping his legs.

He already knows what the words "ball," "feet," shoes," "eat," "water," and "up," are as well as the obvious "Mommy and Daddy" words. He tries to say them by pronouncing their first letter. I'm sure he understand more, I just think it's truly amazing how babies understand so much without being able to speak yet. He knows what it is to whisper when I ask him to do so. Him and I share lots of laughter everyday without saying a word. We'll just look at each other, mimmick a sound and one of us laughs.

I'm 5 months pregnant now and she's growing. I'm starting to feel her move more now that her bones are getting stronger. I've also had contractions already. Weird I know. I'm so excited to have a girl. Nathan was scared at first but now he too is excited. We've already picked a name for her. We had it picked out when I was pregnant with Brayden. I've looked at other names, but this one just seems to stick. So we're keepin' it. I bet it's killing you to know the name. You're probably wondering if I'm going to mention it in this blog. You might even be scrolling ahead of what you're reading to find out. ;-) Well I'm not telling, yet. Some of our family already know what her name will be. I just might prolong it just to torture you. Bwuahhahahaaaaa!

I leave you with other really cute pics of Brayden:

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