Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Waiting for her arrival

Here I am at 38 weeks about to explode. I swear Nathan better not talk about more kids for at LEAST 2 years. Don't get me wrong, Brayden was worth all the aches, bloating, peeing, weight gain and wobbling. But when you only had about a 6 month break between those symptoms, there's so much wear and tear on your body. You don't get a break or a chance to get your body back.

Other than my whining, my pregnancy for our girl has been relatively smooth. Taking care of Brayden in the meantime is harder on my body but I'm doing it! I've got him going up the stairs on his own for nap times and bedtimes so I no longer have to carry him. The difference between this pregnancy and the last is that I don't have a scheduled date for delivery. That can make things really exciting. I've often asked myself questions regarding when I should set up the infant car seat, when I should have a bag packed, if I have enough food in my house in case I go tonight and my mother needs to stay here with Brayden, etc.

I went in for a 38 week ultrasound yesterday and she's so beautiful! She'll definitely have Nathan's lips. She's in the 80% growth (whatever that really means) and she's roughly 8 pounds right now. Let's hope it's less than that. Tomorrow, I go in to meet with my OB/GYN and she'll check to see if I've dilated yet and go over any last minute things. It's crazy to think that in just days, I'll be holding my baby girl.

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Jennifer said...

Squeeeeeeee! I can't wait to see her and, of course, big bro loving on her! :)