Friday, July 31, 2009

Catching Up

Good Lord I've gone way too long without any updates! Especially since now I have to try and remember all that went on after Brayden's birthday till now. The Summer up here in Massachusetts has sucked. The whole month of June (well all except for a couple of days) it's rained. July, most of it was rain as well. We definitely took advantage of any sun we got here.

Nathan and I took Brayden to the Zoo for the first time. I'd have to say that it was a little too soon to bring him since he really couldn't focus on the animals in cages that were far away. And since he couldn't walk at the time, he was in the stroller or in our arms as we attempted to point out animals. The highlight of that day was the petting area where they had tons of little goats that you could feed. All Brayden could do was charge towards them yelling, "Dog! Dog! Dooooog!" There were moments we were a little fearful because he had no fear and some of these little goats looked like they were about to head butt him, LOL!

For the 4th of July week we stayed down in Cape Cod where Nathan's dad has a house and cottage just seconds from the beach. It rained a good amount of the time but let me tell you when the sun came out, we were like cockroaches coming out from the darkness making a B-line to the beach. It was Brayden's first time on a beach in the sand and ocean. He absolutely loved it. Papa gave him a ride in the back of a raft and then later on took him into the water where Brayden made loud beastly sounds as he splashed violently.

And of course I had some time to make it to the Carter's Outlet with my mother in law to stock up on girl clothes. I didn't go overboard but close to it. It's way much more fun shopping for a girl than for a boy. I felt guilty buying all this girl stuff so I made sure I got Brayden some things as well. Poor guy's going to get shafted by his little sister and she's not even born yet.

Being down at the Cape with our family was really wonderful. The low tides are perfect for little ones to play in and discover all sorts of shells and critters. And the week is not complete without ordering Lobster and fresh corn from the Farm Stands. And getting the occasional after dinner ice cream down the street.

About a week after we were packing again and heading down to Fripp Island, S.C. for our family vacation. Nathan's mother's side has gone for years, Nathan's gone since he was a baby so it was really special for us to bring Brayden. Last year he was just a month old and with doctor's visits and breastfeeding, I had no desire to be locked in a beach house while everyone else was out and about having a grand ol' time.

During the first two days there, I endured some serious tooth pain. I had neglected taking care of my root canal and it finally go the best of me in the worst way. I couldn't eat, sleep or keep from being distracted from the throbbing pain on the right side of my face. I had to find a dentist and get the tooth extracted. Lesson learned. I will never let a bad tooth get to that point ever again.

Fripp Island is such a great place because everyone rides around in golf carts and takes things easy. There are tons of pools you can choose from and lots of things for kids to do. They have wild deer that roam the island and are really docile. Brayden got to touch one, again, no fear in that kid. We went to the beach and pool everyday to meet up with family and catch up. Nathan and I even got to go out one night alone for dinner. We had tons of offers to babysit which was such a nice thing!

Brayden with his Great Nana and Papa:

Kiddie Pool time with daddy:

Life's a Beach with mommy:

Our family picture traditionally taken on the sunset Fripper Cruise:

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