Saturday, March 13, 2010

Quick Bits

Wow. It's been 4 moths since my last post. I'll have you all know that it's been filled with the craziness of kids, Words with Friends (an iPhone app. equivalent to Scrabble) and lots of wine. I keep on forgetting that there are some people that follow my blog. In the words of Gilly (SNL), Ssssssorry.

Brayden will be turning 2 in June (holy crap) and Madison will be 6 months old on the 22nd of this month. What can I say besides the fact that I feel like my life is a temporary blur? I'm now getting to the point where I can take my chubby butt to the gym. I purposely added a temporary personal trainer to my gym membership to whip me back into shape. I needed motivation and drive. I need to regain my life back in whatever way I can get it.

It feels good to do something for myself you know? Like, I feel I'm a better mother because of it. At first I felt guilt because the child care providers at the gym didn't interact with my kids as much as I do. But really...who will ever love your own children as much as you do right? But I press on because I know that social time with other children is good for them, and alone time is good for me.

Brayden has been chatting his face off. Not that I can make out what he's actually saying. I just say "Yeaa, cool" and go from there. You can tell he wants to communicate so bad. He anticipates the moment I bring Madison down in the morning. He yells, "That's the Baby!" when I come down the stairs. He loves her and tries to make her laugh. It's the sweetest thing to witness. Madison in turn loves him as well and laughs out loud whenever he's near her.

I'm quickly realizing that they are both so different from each other. Madison seems very clingy with me whereas Brayden wasn't. She also seems a bit more impatient and a lot more needy. Overall Brayden's been such a good brother. He loves to harass her when she's in her jumper seat. He'll run around it and press and spin everything that makes noise or spin, causing her to blink a mile a minute.

I'm afraid Madison will be forced to toughen up due to the circumstances. But I feel deep down inside that she's very much capable of being tough. Just like her Mommy. But let me tell you that if Brayden ever tortures her, I'll be the first one to pin him down and let her get even. ;-P

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