Friday, April 23, 2010

Happy Spring!

The weather is FINALLY cooperating after all the rainfall we've had this past month. Our condo that we own and rent out flooded and our tenant moved out. We're still in the process of applying for a loan and getting the place reconstructed. The clean-up crew tore out all the lower kitchen cabinets and the bath fitter to get behind the walls and deal with all the moisture.

Not something we want to be dealing with when Nathan's trying to apply for jobs and finish his thesis. It's honestly been quite stressful for us. I take care of home/kids and Nathan has school, condo issues and jobs to deal with. I think it's safe to say that we both feel stretched and stressed out. Whenever I get like this I go into survival mode. When Nathan gets like this, he's not motivated to do anything.

This too shall pass I guess.

Brayden's now 22 months old and Madison is 7 months old. They're now at a point where they interact more. When I'm in the car with them, Brayden will look over to Madison and make funny noises and get her laughing out loud. It's the sweetest thing to witness. He's also displayed lots of nurturing qualities. When Madison's crying, he'll bring a toy to her and try to put it in her hand. Just a couple of days ago, Brayden was playing with one of his plastic trucks on the floor next to Maddy. She tore that thing out of his hands so fast it left him stunned. I chuckled underneath my breath.

She's sitting up perfectly and can play on her own for quite a while. She has two bottom teeth that are as sharp as razors. Her hair is finally growing in, and fast too! It looks like it's blonde. Her eyes are getting lighter and lighter as well. She's about 22 pounds and wears a size 5 diaper! Yes I know, many toddlers (like my son) wear size 5 diapers. What can I say? Baby got back.

Brayden has really turned a corner with his vocabulary. He randomly repeats words we say and constantly says, "What's that?" Our favorite words that he says are "Awesome," "Bicycle," and some of the names of our family members where he'll say it one letter off because he can't pronounce certain ones. He also surprises me with how many letters he can recognize. We'd be at a store and he'll look up at a sign and point to a letter and say it out loud. Thanks to Sesame Street and Nathan and I teaching him.

I've joined a gym and started going consistently with the kids. I actually hired a personal trainer for 4 sessions just to get me jump-started and motivated. This was the first time I actually did something for myself consistently. It's amazing how wonderful I feel after hitting the gym. I've lost 4 pounds so far since I started and I'm in between sizes. Realistically I'd like to be a size 4-6. I have a crap load of clothes in the attic that are collecting dust and I'd LOVE to fit into them. I realize I'll never be a size 2 again so I'll be donating those clothes.

I digressed a bit...back to the gym...Brayden on the other hand has not adjusted to the child care provided there. He now has separation anxiety. I've been called to come and get him within 25 minutes of working out. The last time went I asked the child care provider to keep him in there for another 15 minutes. He finally got over the hump of trying to make himself sick from crying and calmed down a bit. But now when I leave a room, he goes nuts and thinks I'm going to leave him for good. I know this is to be expected since he's never been in daycare before. They encouraged me to be consistent with him in bringing him back. Eventually he'll get use to it.

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