Tuesday, August 14, 2007

can't...suck it...in...anymore.

This morning was the first time I actually had a hard time finding something to wear to work. I had it all planned out last night, and this morning, I go to put on the pants, and it buttons, but it's tight around the waist and hips. OK, no biggie right? So I go for a wrap skirt I have, and it fits, but it makes me look bigger around the waist. ARRRGG! Up next, my brown trousers. I bring them up to my hips, wiggle a little, and buttoned them. Snug fit, but it will have to do. It's really hard for me to not feel fat. I know that I've gained some weight, of which I think most of it's from my own doing, as I give in to comfort foods, but I haven't gained too much weight for where I'm at.

And yet, I feel that I'm not at a point to wear maternity clothes either. So I might do the old, unbutton the pants-but-use-a-rubber band-trick to make my pre-maternity clothes still work for me. Nathan and I are waiting to tell our family and friends we're expecting the first week in September. Can I get away without looking fat or pregnant for that long? LOL! Next week we're going to Ohio to visit Nathan's grandparents. I need to find some hide the belly but not look like a tent clothes. Then the following week, I'm coordinating a wedding. I can no longer suck it in anymore folks! It JUST ain't happening!

We have an appointment with my Doctor this Friday and I'm excited that Nathan gets to meet her. I'm sure it's just a "How are you doing?" kind of meeting. I'm just happy that so far, things have been great with the baby and my health. The only things I really go through is exhaustion, sore breasts, and hunger swings. Not bad really.

Age of fetus: 9 weeks, 3 days, in my 10th week
What's going on this month: Cartilage is turning into bone. Your baby is developing a backbone -- and the individual discs between each vertebrae. Its arms and legs are lengthening and its hands sport short and webby fingers. The surface of its brain is creased and marked by grooves and fissures. The external ears are fully formed, as is the tongue.
Just as your baby continues his tremendous growth spurt, you're busting out all over the place too. Hold an egg in your hand -- that's how big the amniotic sac is. Thanks to increased blood volume, your body shape is getting rounder, too.
Baby's Size: Strawberry (1.5 inches)
Mood: Insecure about my weight :-(
Cravings: None
Energy: Low, feeling lethargic
Morning Sickness: NONE!!!


Lauren said...

Aw, Doc, I'm sure you don't look fat! You're all nice and in shape so that has to help. As for clothes, the tent look is kind of in right now so that might just work!

mama2B said...

My husband tells me that too, but I refuse to believe him ;-). Thank goodness the whole Trapeze look is in cause I'd be screwed!