Monday, March 17, 2008

Open House, sore back.

Well our weekend was nothing short of eventfull. Sunday morning (day of Open House) we woke up early to finish off the house. I was already anxious about getting done by 1pm. Meaning, get all the trim in, paint it, re-clean the whole house and be out of there by 12:30. I told Nathan that all needed to be done by noon. Of course I added a time buffer to anticipate any last minute screw up's. If you know Nathan and I, you know one of us is typically late(ahem, ahem...not me). We were doing great on time when all of a sudden Nathan wants to do "one more thing." I told him that I think he shouldn't start because it would cut into my cleaning time. I was promised that all will be done by 12:00 so I had time to clean and be done by 12:30. Well, 12:30 came around at what was promised wasn't done yet.

I got all kinds of anxious and was frantically sweeping, mopping and bringing the dining table in the house to set things up. I asked Nathan to get all of the tools, the chop saw, and air compressor out of the house so I could clean. It was 1:55 and I almost had a panic attach. Nathan grabbed the trash bag and an 8 foot piece of trim. I had my purse, coat and trash in my hand, as I went to lock the door. All of a sudden we heard two people coming down the stairs. Holy crap, it was the agent and a potential buyer! We bumped into them and I said hi. By then I don't think they knew we were coming out of the unit they were going to. My blood was boiling at the fact that we even ran into them. Not cool.

I was so angry and upset at Nathan for again, promising he'd do somehting by a certain time, and not following through. You all know how much I love him and his many amazing qualities out weigh the bad ones, but this one character flaw drives me NUTS!

ANYways, after lunch I got over it and calmed down, but I felt my whole body aching and my back hurt so bad it was painful to walk. I felt horrible that I had allowed myself to get so stressed out and even put our unborn son through that. Our agent called us and said that we had 7 visitors come through. 2-3 of them were (nosey) neighbors and there were a couple of people who seeemed interested and left their phone numbers!

Today at work, I got a call from our listing agent's office with a message that there's a broker who wants to come and see our place with someone at 6:15 tomorrow evening. Considering the fact that there's only one picture (front of house) online, it was exciting to get a few nibbles already. We should have all of our pictures up on all the websites by tomorrow.

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