Friday, March 21, 2008

Things I wish I'd have known about being pregnant

I just found this list in another blog and laughed uncontrollably because I can relate to pretty much everything she says. I had to share it with you.

  • When a man says that you look like you’re due any day now (and you actually have, oh, two months to go) you have to seriously resist the urge to kick him in the balls.
  • That rolling from one side to the other in bed becomes a real challenge around 29 or 30 weeks.
  • That actually removing yourself from the bed may require use of a gigantic crane.
  • That if you lie back in the bathtub you can get stuck, like a turtle flipped on its back. Yep, happened to me!
  • That my body pillow is worth its weight in gold!
  • That I was so stupid to think my belly was big a few months ago. I had no idea what I was in for. And I have no idea what is gonna happen in the next 9 weeks.
  • That those cute little kicks would start to hurt as my big boy grows in there!
  • That I love, love, love feeling him move, even if it makes my stomach lurch.
  • That no matter how crappy my day is, he can make me laugh when he launches what feels like an earthquake in my belly.
  • That my husband would be so sweet and helpful during this time. He’s gone above and beyond… taking care of me and picking up all the slack around our home. He’s the best.
  • That hearing him talk about his hopes and dreams for our baby would make me fall in love with him all over again.
  • That decorating a baby’s room can become an obsession for a nesting momma-to-be.
  • That (dare I say it??) hemmorhoids really do happen during pregnancy. So gross.
  • That I am considering buying stock in Palmer’s Anti-Stretch Mark lotion. I’ve invested so much money in this stuff, and I slather it on every morning and night.
  • That I cheer every morning that I wake up without stretch marks… but I have a gut feeling they’re going to creep up sometime.
  • That as much as I love being pregnant with my baby, that my vanity gets the best of me sometimes, and I worry about never being attractive or sexy again.
  • That gaining weight, even when I know there is a good reason, is pretty hard to deal with.
  • That this baby makes me second-guess my career choices.
  • That I can’t find a single day care provider yet, who I’d trust with my precious son.
  • That I worry about how good of a mom I will be.
  • That I never knew how much I could love someone who I haven’t even met.
  • That 40 weeks is a long time to wait.

If you’re a mom… add your “I never knew” to this! :)



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