Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Great Debate

Ever since Brayden was born, it's been an ongoing discussion among our family, friends and each other. Who does Brayden look like? The doctor could have given us any boy at the hospital and we would have never known any differently. Brayden has my dark hair and big head along with the round face. But he also has his dad's blue eyes (although Brayden's are a darker shade of blue), his hair line and he also has Nathan's hands and feet.

Some say Brayden looks like me and some say he looks like Nathan. I guess he's one of those kids who won't look like anyone in particular, till he's older. I'm just glad that no one confuses him for a girl.

Brayden's now 3 months old and doing so well. He can hold up his head for a long time. I get to swing him around the house on my hip and he somehow does fine with that. He's starting to develop a sleeping pattern and goes to bed anywhere between 9-10pm and then wakes up at around 4:40am for a feeding. Then goes back down, then wakes up at 7:30-8:00. Then I bring him into bed with us for another 2 hours. (Please excuse the glamorous sleeping pose and nightgown)

We then get up and I feed him, then we play on his Baby Einstein Mat which he loves. He talks to Mr. Sun who lights up and plays music. He likes to lift up both of his legs to kick the toys that hang from the mat. He once did that and ended up on his side. Tummy time is getting better. At first he didn't like it much, but I've been making it a habit to get him on his tummy twice a day because I guess it helps with crawling.

Yesterday was Nathan's 29th Birthday. I was feeling ambitious and decided to make him a birthday meal and cake. Here's what was on the menu:

  • Garlic & Foccachia bread with a homemade dipping oil (rosemary and garlic)
  • Fresh Tomato & Mozzarella Salad with chopped basil sitting on top of Balsamic Vinaigrette and Olive Oil
  • Top Sirloin Steaks rubbed in cracked Pepper and Salt pan-cooked in Butter
  • Roasted Acorn Squash with Maple Syrup, Brown Sugar and Butter
And for his Birthday cake, I made a Chocolate Mousse Cake with Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting decorated with fresh raspberries. AND a bottle of Shiraz. WHEW! I've got the recipes if you're feeling inspired ;-) Brayden was a little needy, so I brought him into the kitchen with me in his bouncy chair and occupied him with my silly songs and spontaneous tickling.

Nathan seemed to be really happy with the meal and cake. It was nice to stay home and not pay a crap load of money to go out. PLUS we had extra's for today and a ton of cake left for those late night cravings. Chocolate Mousse Cake anyone?

And now I leave you with the photo of the month:

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Megan & Chris said...

Hi, Your dinner sounded great! Brayden is getting so big and he's such a cute little peanut! Chris and I actually went out to dinner for our anniversary - like out of the house! We got a sitter and it worked out wonderful. I think we are going to try to go out atleast once a month if we can.

Right now I'm waiting for the UPS man to bring this


It is amazing! Riley played with one at a friends house and she loved it so I had to get it. It's a little expensive, but it is really three toys in one, an exersaucer, safe walker and a play table for later on once you take the seat off. You might want to keep your eyes peeled for one for Brayden once he gets a bit bigger.

Anyways, love the blog updates!